Volunteering helps connect us to others. The work we do impacts our community and everyone you help. Although seemingly small, every moment you spend with another person can make a real difference. Volunteering has several benefits, including increased socialization, networking, and providing a sense of purpose. It also helps to provide experience for professional development and resumes.

In addition to implementing volunteer opportunities into our mentoring programs, Bro2GO also uses volunteers to provide training opportunities/workshops. Volunteers are also welcomed to assist us for Bro2GO events, and for the purpose of extended community service hours.*

*Pending FBI, PA State, and Childline Clearance results

To learn more about volunteer opportunities or to sign up, Click on the “Contact” tab and select ‘Volunteer’.

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Our Mission

The mission of Bro2Go is to empower, equip, and motivate men and women who are ex-offenders. To allow hope to every man and woman who thought all their opportunities were gone.


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