Mentoring is Bro2Go’s flagship service. Working closely through both 1:1 mentoring as well as group session, mentoring programs help to sustain the livelihood and enrich the experiences of each mentee. Mentors will have weekly/bi weekly communication with their mentees, working on individualized service plans designed to meet their unique needs, and implement goals to complete which enrich the quality of life and progress of each individual’s lives.

In addition, we offer family reunification counseling services which help to counsel and connect families who have children or reentrants returning from placement or incarceration. This service focuses on identifying how to strengthen family dynamics and regain trust and building family-centered focus back into homes.

Our Vision

Mentoring Services are available for Adults as well as Children, under Bro2Go and Bro2Go Jr. Services, respectively. During a facilitator lead group setting, Just GO trainings help to run topic focused discussions on some of the key obstacles and hardships affecting  reentrants and troubled youth. These topics can range from behavioral issues to society struggles, or even focus on development skill building. By opening up conversations on some of these topics, the goal of Just GO trainings are to enrich the experiences of both those we serve, as well as the community.

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Our Mission

The mission of Bro2Go is to empower, equip, and motivate men and women who are ex-offenders. To allow hope to every man and woman who thought all their opportunities were gone.


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